Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Father's nod cheers up lad's face

17, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A look of highly pleasurable excitement was spread over the boy’s face after his father’s consent of taking him to the exhibition on the holiday. As the little lad was curious to buy certain items from that fair, he was continuously insisting upon his father to accompany him. Accepting his demand in the most matter of fact manner he decided to visit the place where the trade fair was organised. Coming to know of this satisfactory response the boy sprang up and readied for the day out. He along with his father boarded the city bus for the destination.

Luckily he got the window seat which helped the boy viewing the passing sight gladly. When the big bus reached on the crowded road he got a bit anxious at the delays in reaching the venue. However, he looked pleased with the onward movement of the bus. It took about half an hour in reaching there. His curiosity was different. It seemed quite a natural matter but the quick glance that accompanied it was not so unusual. It was not the first definite credulous situation that he had ended with his full hearty longing.

His father was thinking vaguely in his own singular way as he was to spend his fifty-fifth birthday. The little boy was least aware of this point. He did not make extra preparations but only put on a new T-shirt for the day. He spent not one, two but three hours in the company of his son at the exhibition. It was for the first time he enjoyed the birthday and bought certain things for himself. Looking back to the years passed by he remembered how his age came to this moment. This was how the time passed while one failed to realize the fleeting days, months and years.