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Fat lady shocked at bride's value

14, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Saas-bahu relations remind us of the politics. If the mother-in-law applies her brain in dealing the daughter-in-law she definitely becomes too much diplomatic. She balances every word before uttering and if she turns out emotional she praises her daughter-in-law on every chance. A newly wedded woman was receiving ample appreciation from her simple-minded mother-in-law. She was appeared to have been reading the bride’s mentality by her cool propensity.

When the neighbours visited her house to have a look at new bride the mother-in-law missed no opportunity to eulogise her unspoken daughter-in-law. It is a general tendency the brides remain tight-lipped in their initial days at in-laws’ house. They seem to calculate every situation by this very natural way. They may be holding silence because of fear to a new house. It is obvious they who understand the reality behind this secret of the silence.

One talkative neighbour approached the older mother-in-law to get first-hand knowledge about her daughter-in-law. As usual, she started praising her qualities in every possible way. The plump woman was shocked to know this disparity. However, she was resolute in hearing everything from an old woman at the moment. She even questioned, “Do you have no complaint against your three-month old daughter-in-law. Upon this query, the mother-in-law started saying something different.

She stated that her Bahu was very hardworking even in this hot humid season. She ably managed 25 groups with holding admin charge of about 19 groups on the social domain Whatsapp. She was running a total of 83 pages with fifteen thousand friends and fifty followers on the Facebook.  Such a tight routine made me provide her with a healthy almond mixed milk in order to enhance her operational capacity. That neighbour was later admitted to the hospital but inadequate oxygen supply in her lungs worsened her condition further.