Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Fasting shuts rude speech & action

19, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There was ample heat throughout the argumentative brawl between a cleric and a young man. Nevertheless, the cleric said of his age little less than him in a newly populated locality here. This was a verbal quarrel which caused one good-hearted man deep distress. The cleric used to involve in hurling tongue fires against everyone. He appeared to be a very toffee-nosed individual. Significantly, he gained the moral support of others too into this rude, uncivil, & impolite dispute. They were busy in constant cursing to the sturdy, soft-hearted opponent.

It was an open brawl with him on a very simple, ordinary reason. It was centred around on some kind of electrical connection. The scuffle reached its crescendo early in the morning. Another end of the compound looked like the battle arena where disgruntled parties were throwing disdainful arrows. Some of the fuming people supposed to be locality’s gentlemen were causing the foe disgrace to lose the verbal battle. As the arguments find no path to conclude, the warring parties discontinue the brawl when their tongues enervate. So, when they exhausted they moved to their dwellings.

What was worth seeing was their experience in engaging into the argumentative brawl. They called the adversary by sounding his car’s warning horn and jumped at the point quickly. Just after a few minutes there came the owl-eyed cleric and began spitting venomous words at the energetic and determined foe. Confident and undeterred the adversary did not lose his presence of mind and offered a tough counter. The lily-livered aged fighters as we had once in a Bollywood film, China Gate argued against opponent’s alleged misdeeds. At one point of time, even the corner was somehow changed to another end. Their foe was no less inferior or ineffective against those aged vocal fighters.

What was incorrect was that they intimidated a person during Ramadan. When this pious month restricts every devout Muslims to refrain from bitterness they showed their prowess in the brawl with their neighbour. Despite observance of the fast they refrained from going along with the fast’s basic point of avoiding anger essentially. Even the hot-headed cleric forgot how much the Holy Prophet valued compassion and forgiveness. What the Holy Prophet has reiterated in clear words, “Fasting is, in reality, the act of abstinence from all inappropriate speech and action.” Undeniably these people tried to identify themselves with unkindness in their daily routine lives.