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Eidi collection goes down kids' hope

29, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The collection of Eidi (the amount received by children from their elders on Eid) is not satisfactory this year as was told by so many dismayed children. They observe inflationary trends behind this change. They waited and waited to collect any or every amount of money from their relatives but remained disappointed with the fewer amounts. Some said that the collection did not rise because of bigger currencies in the circulation. Others stated that paucity of one-hundred currency note caused them enough loss. They wished if the new 200-rupee currency note would have introduced just on the festival of Eid.

Their relatives worked with 20-rupee currency note. They did not enlarge their heart for increasing the amount. Some even pretended on various grounds. When one Bunty auntie arrived at Zainab’s house she hoped her chance of obtaining the amount of Eidi from her. She had been a regular contributor. But what she revealed prostrated her. She said that she forgot to bring her large purse. So, she felt very sorry for it. Likewise, another doctor auntie did not show a willingness to present this yearly cash gift to the children waited eagerly. What was the most stunning thing was that she accepted the Eidi for her children from Sidra’s mother?

In daily transactions, the new two-hundred rupee currency note will remove problems to a larger extent but the children’s loss cannot be compensated now. Now, the Eid fervour is rapidly decreasing with several days of festivities. Every repetitive counting of the collected amounts is not bringing glee to their saddened faces. They are unable to decide on whether they should enjoy the short collection or end of the summer vacation. Every child was overheard saying that this year’s collection was not as much adequate as it remained the previous year.