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Dog's dread goes in front of CCTVs

14, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: One day a tall, black-brownish dog suddenly came out from its confinement in the morning hours, the one-way tiled way presented a pretty risky look than the time of curfew. The dog must be of some terrorist type of breed that its very barking inside the black entrance gate terrorises the passers-by off and on. Everyone remains careful of passing by the gate. The moment this dangerous dog realises of an individual’s movement, it does not stop its full-mouthed barking. Its fear persists in every heart all the time.

The children tease this creature by throwing stones at the gate for their enjoyments. They want to take note of intensity of the dog’s growl only otherwise they are also frightened with this perilous variety. They immediately run away at its strong bark which goes on like the taped modern rancorous music tones. They see the notice, ‘Beware of the Dog’ on the rounded boundary wall.

Peculiarly, the residents remain scared of the dog more than the CCTV cameras fixed on various structures in the wider lone lane of the locality. However, the guard in the dog’s duty remains too careful to have power over checking any untoward incident. The dog anyhow seems to be overseeing its factory and the locality as a whole. Indeed the dogs’ barking is more powerful than the electronic alarming sensors start crying at the mere touch.

The dog at the door categorically curbs strangers’ entry into the precinct. The dubious breeds’ dog keeps its vigilant eye on such unknown individuals all the time. After all, these animals are kept for this very purpose. Of all the houses structured in the lane, there exists only one dog in order to guard the area against one length to another end. But how could it be if the dog remains behind the walls?