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Demonetization after effects: Bride chooses groom working in Paytm over Goldman

30, Dec 2016 By ankit0612

Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. Demonetization has left the country baffled; not only politicians and businessmen even grooms are facing its after effects.

And they live happily ever after
And they live happily ever after

Recently a case was registered in the Amethi District Court, yeah you heard it right Amethi, you cannot blame them completely for choosing Rahul, what choices were they having, Smriti Irani– seriously and Kumar Vishwas, oh come on! The case was registered by Swamy, who works in Goldman Sachs and earns a handsome salary was short, dorky, bald guy and his girlfriend was Sonia, an Italian supermodel. They were a happy couple or as the villagers define them, A Bartered Couple, Swamy in no way could have scored more beautiful partner than Sonia and Sonia’s high maintenance cost required Swamy’s paycheck.

Then came the night of November the 8th, Higher denomination notes were useless, Swamy’s company pays him in cash and now this cash for Sonia was as useless as Swamy himself. Swamy in his defense tried convincing Sonia that he would open an account and deposit all the cash in it, But was thrown out of the bank by the angry customers who noticed that all he wanted was to update his passbook and was forcing the bank lady to print all the pages.

Sonia was worried, in this era of digital India, she couldn’t have continued with a guy who had cash. She was looking for a digitized guy, who had enough digital payment options with him. Sonia on one of her parlour trip noticed a guy, who was installing a QR code sticker in her saloon that said Paytm Payment option Available. This was love at first sight for her, as all she could see in him was, the ease with which she could make payment at different places, and for Rajiv the paytm guy, well he was finally going to get sex.

Above is the narrative piece presented by Swamy’s Lawyer to court.

Court: Order! Order!

Amethi News would keep you posted, a second post based on the outcome of Court’s Decision will be Presented shortly.

Correspondent: Digvijay Singh.

PS: Rumour has it, that Sonia is pregnant with Rajiv’s child.