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Delhi temp dips new lower, increase in population inevitable: Opposition blames demonetization

16, Jan 2017 By suraj awasthi

New Delhi. Dec 28, New Delhi, on Sunday the capital city have witnessed the lowest mercury level of past five year, At 2.6 degree Celsius. Most of the Delhite  have chosen to stay home with their family. Going with the numbers of people homestaying the National Population Commission under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued a statement fearing that the population of Delhi may increase significantly due to unavoidable eventual course of action people are pursuing while staying during cold waves.

Meanwhile Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala has made claims that the feared expected rise in population is not because of cold waves but because of demonetization, as most of people have lost their jobs and poor people of India have nothing else to do. Behan Mayawati ji in her read out PC has demanded Rashtrapati Shasan in UP as the same cold wave may enter UP and can do catastrophic damage. Supreme court of India has taken suo moto and given an advisory to Delhi Govt. to work proactively and increase seats in nursery level institute.

Pakistan have strongly reacted to the event, and termed it as strategic move to disturb the regional balance.

BJP fire brand Neta Sakshi Maharaj ji comes out as exception by welcoming the cold waves and have appealed to his followers to utilize this opportunity to maximize the productivity and eventually make Hindu Rashtra a reality.