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Cow's horned header grounded man

24, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Man is a social animal while a cow is a political animal. It gets ample recognition in the present-day political phraseology. It is a natural animal but its animal instinct eliminates at tendering its offspring. It is an established reality without any iota of uncertainty that an animal loves its baby like the human being. Recently there was seen how a tall and well-built cow was protecting its calf from the people on a road in Motinagar locality of Jajmau area here. It was an exclusive observation for us. Though the road was bustling with the normal movement, the watchers gathered around the cow-calf presented a view of some awkward situation. Nevertheless, the cow was only interested in protecting its little calf. Irrefutably, none of the spectators was harming the duo. Cow’s psychology was apparently clear with this realness that it was a mother and making all efforts to cover its precious infant.

The crowd of the people including the curious youngsters were too interested in the cow’s petrifying style to the people coming near its calf. It was applying every potential method to keep the spectators at a distance from her calf which was everything for a mother. If the assembled congregation did not create noise the cow’s going away would have been faster as was realised by perceiving the situation. However, the fun seekers were not in a mood to leave the spot in accordance with the cow’s expectation. So, the cow along with the calf was moving away rather slowly from one spot to another. Its main concern was the safety of its calf.

One can say the cow remained firm and resolute in maintaining protection to its younger lean calf. Like the human being, the cow was showing its deep motherly affection. There was no marked difference at that particular moment. Every sensible passer-by was noting this vital point and even agreeing with the hint of clearing the crowd for the cow’s exit fast. As the surging crowd has no picky mentality, it was not doable at the time. Anyhow, the cow with the calf moved to another safer space surrounded by a few standing cycles but it was still scared. In the meantime, a lanky man came near the angry white mammal; it pushed him down quickly on the crowd. It was a weighty horned hit and the man was not in a position to get up.