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Couples' split caused real bliss

02, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is the exact secret of happiness? It is really hard to fathom. An assembly of female friends was philosophically pondering over this peculiarity. Their views were obviously different but they were cohesive in their objective. Therefore their collective decision was to approach to a genuine sage for his saner advice on this reasonable topic. Despite their acquaintance with the simple principle of doing well and staying happy, they looked for a more effective course.

When they approached the popular sage’s hilly location, they were stunned to find his grand abode. They thought he must be enjoying the bliss of real happiness in that spacious structure. But he was not gaining the bliss of marriage because of his bachelorhood. When they made their way to the sagacious sage what they first performed was the rite of donation. The sage suggested them to send their respective husbands at his secluded site.

As directed those panicked husbands contacted the sage without any delay. The pensive sage advised them to recite a simple solemn chant thrice a week. As the song was in normal usual spoken vernacular they started reciting the song: “Apna Khayal Rakhha Karo, Tum Kitna Kaam Karti Ho, Jaroor Thak Jaati Hogi, Tab Bhi To Sundar Lagati Ho.” They informed their wives of these exceptional lines and recited three times a week. They even paid the sage for the advice in order to win their wives’ hearts completely.

One complete month passed since they were constantly reciting the suggested lines in their respective houses. But no trace of happiness was visible in their houses. On the contrary, their wrangling rose to a stage of devastating divorce. As a result, they separated ultimately from their wives and only it was then they realised the true meaning or value of the happiness in the life.