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Couple tangled over trifle issue

09, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Timid and easily frightened people often acquire a number of mildly ignoble habits which remain a great source of solace and recreation to them. While turning the pages of the crime fiction, the wife asked his husband about the clear difference between the eight-letter word ‘complete’ and the six-letter word ‘finish’ in a totally pensive mood. She was wondering whether he’d say anything about it just now or leave it for tomorrow’s answer.

It was a sort of tap or rap for her. Just for a moment, the hubby fancied a flicker of some quite dull, pale cerulean eyes. He also said with a little laugh that a shrewd, intelligent woman sat there instead of a cordial, foolish one just for a moment. What sort of a man are you? You are not telling me the distinction between the two easier words. Upon this indictment, the husband pointed out that it was not very complicated.

You should understand it with this example. Just as our marriage made you complete with joys, so as my life’s mirth came to finish with your arrival. This explanation was a complete surprise to the wife who never imagined of such kind of justification. Though her husband’s answer was quite natural and frank, her wrath was visible with her annoyance. Nothing really annoys her more than listening to hard words.

No wonder, she thought, that her husband loathed her so. Her unnecessary arguments led to the hot arguments between both of them. None was willing to stop. If one person paused for a moment the other did intervene by shooting fresh indictments. Her changed attitude reached a level of violent behaviour resulting into beating and thrashing of the howling husband. This caused to admit the hurt husband at the nearby hospital for necessary treatment.