Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Collapsed utterly on monkey cap

31, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was not unexpected. The students should definitely say it was not. We’d have thought it of necessary change in the wintry days. The students were told to put on a kind of cap covering their ears even. It is not a case that made rather a stir in their minds, yet some senior girl students seemed to have lost their head on this headdress. Used to sustain their stylishly combed hairs by an open head when they learnt of this order, they convened a secret corner chat in order to consider over pros and cons of this cold command. All sides considered. They were always prone to break out such ‘unfavourable’ instructions for them.

Notwithstanding it was not possible for them to escape from wearing monkey cap type hood which could save them from the cold as the school authorities used to prominently mull over. More than a score of senior girls were in hotchpotch to come to a final decision whether to be or not to be. They had got natural brains that helped them to think of the authority which was never directly acceptable to them as they give more care and attention to the untangled braided tress than the dry, unfathomable, tough theory books.

When they were subjected to react on this harsh directive, the outspoken group of girls quickly showed deep aversion to putting on a head cover that actually gives a look of great personalities like Tulsidas, Kabirdas or Vinoba Bhave or modern mother’s mothers. They also put it that our boiling skull feels no coldness under the cover of the black natural hairs. What is biologically provided as headdress requires nothing synthetic? Our heads can hardly identify the monkey cap positively. If we were not bothered for the head cover will like to eat the well-ordered thing.