Saturday, 24th March, 2018

Clerical deftness caused wife's bash

21, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A friend enquired of his fast friend, “What led you to cry in the evening yesterday. You were badly beaten by your wife. How pathetic it was to see when mop spank was continuously raining upon you. What wrong have you done? This was maiden chance to see you roughly beaten. However, it was a pretty first-rate factual scene for everyone present at the sensitive point in time.” Being a close friend of mine you were making fun of the situation faced by me. Replying at his point, the friend said, “This was not the matter. It was just a joke.”

However, you should better apprise me of the exact situation which caused such abnormal condition and you now were looking completely fragmented. The profession of the clerical job has a certain tendency which gets attached to the personality. Influenced with the office’s routine proclivity a grave mistake occurred unconsciously and the result was before you with all the gravity. Clerical mind sets up differently.That is why there comes criticism too.

Truly there was something which was uncontrollable yesterday. It can be termed as madness even. In a fit of rant and rave, one goes out of mind and senses stop working in right way. That’s why Japanese or Chinese emphasise upon drinking a glass of water in case of anger but who normally cares of this liquid remedy. The consequences are never good or praiseworthy or share worthy. His friend turned out more curious to understand every point.

Narrating the story with all the emotional pain he stated that his love letter to the girlfriend got an impression of his clerical experience. He wrote down his extreme feelings on the love letter and handed over the letter to the wife for necessary action. As a result, he had to realise the efficacy of prompt necessary action. What a friend can do for a battered husband is simply to take him to the clinic.