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How to choose a career in India

21, Jun 2017 By Garima Kaushik

Before starting the blabbering about career I would like to tell you that India is the best country (dare not to disagree). The largest democracy of the world has 41% of the population below the age of 20 years. With such a large young populace, Indian education system is flooded with millions of 12th pass out & graduates every year.

These young minds have one question in their mind at the top – How to choose career in India?

7 Steps to Choose Career:

For the puzzled Indian youth there is a career timeline followed by most of the students. Have a look:

Let your parents decide what is best for you – Engineering or Medical? (Random fact – What Sharmaji’s son opted, will decide your fate.)

Pay good fortune to coaching centers in Kota. Brush up your mugging up skills for next two years. (sadly, many of those who couldn’t succeed, end their lives.)

Owing to the stress originated by the focus on grades, most of the students end up with miserable marks in entrance exams.

Now opt for a mediocre college. After graduation you’ll have three options: Continue higher studies Get a job Prepare for government exams.

Owing to your average CGPA, no good company wants to employ you. Apart from this, your communication skills & aptitude sucks. This will be considered during campus recruitment drive. Now you have these choices remaining – Choose a job that you don’t like or go back to continuing studies, most likely in abroad. Because foreign-return has higher salaries. Right?

If you opted for continuing studies, you can opt for MBA & Congratulations! you’re on the page 1 again. The most respected in these three categories are those who start preparing for government job exams like IBPS, SSC, UPSC, Railways etc. India has great love for government job due to the job security & perks it offers.

I binge watch YouTube videos every night & I found out an amazing video which made me understand the career timeline of Indian youth.

The much talked Start-up web series come up with the best dialogues on the same from the General manager of the protagonist Naveen Bansal.

Iss desh ke graduates jab apni 9 to 5 job se bore ho jate hai na to unhe sirf 3 hi raste sujhate hai – MBA, IAS aur Startups.

The Takeaway:

Things could be different if parents would have let their kids choose what they want to become, if teachers would have focused on learning not scores, if students would have focused on excellence. In current scenario, this career timeline is most common for students & it will keep continuing for upcoming years as well.