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Chat leads lady to find man's merit

11, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Two not-so-higher buildings stand face to face in a newly situated locality here. One is older than another but in terms of sturdiness, the older one is not less significant than the later one. There are several families in these two buildings. The families living in both the multi-storied structures are neither rich nor poor. They are quite better in their living standard. They are nicer residents indeed.

When one newly settled family visited at the front door neighbour’s flat of the older building, they easily developed a good neighbourly relation. Their conversation lasted over one hour and later they realised of their bonding. They seemed genial and cordial in various ways. The visitors never thought that the neighbour’s husband was so talkative and well-informed. The guest couples soon assessed that they never knew of the man’s pleasant and hospitable nature.

The guest couples abruptly changed their perception. The husband was well dressed and intelligent while his employed wife was also vivid with her wits. During the course of the conversation, she did not restrict herself from disclosing that she had always thought of the neighbour’s hubby as a silent unspoken calm man. Her words definitely surprised the neighbouring couples amply. The husband usually maintained silence whenever they happened to see one another previously.

However, this conversation led the woman to change her previous mistaken notion about the man in the neighbour. That educated woman became conscious of the man’s qualities with which she was least aware of earlier. Indulgence in conversation cleared the whole misconception. So, her selective views in regard to the silent man faded away. At last, she gladly comprehended of his intrinsic worth. The man concluded that talks used to change the wrong impression. That is why we often come to know of several rounds of talks continue for resolving a tricky issue.