Sunday, 25th March, 2018

Chandigarh Police arrests man who did not visit Elante Mall on weekend


Chandigarh: In a bizarre incident, Chandigarh Police has arrested a man named Nature Kumar who reportedly skipped a visit to Elante Mall on weekend. According to police spokesperson, the man is a repetitive offender and has not visited Elante Mall since November 2016. The arrest took place when an anonymous complaint about this abnormal behaviour was received by local Police.

Failed to be in Mall; Now in Jail
Failed to be in Mall; Now in Jail

Talking to faking news, the investigating officer said, “At first, we did not believe a single word in the complaint. How can a normal middle income person skip visiting Elante Mall on weekend ? But this Nature Kumar was unbelievable. He said that he prefers to going to leisure valley, fragrance garden, rose garden, sukhna lake or sector-17 market instead of visiting Elante Mall. On further investigation, it was found that his last visit to Elante Mall was in November 2016 when he was forced to buy vegetables and fruits by swiping his card due to demonetisation. This was even more shocking as Malls are rarely visited for real shopping. Thus, we started keeping eye on him and soon grabbed him from leisure valley. A case of hurting consumeristic and materialistic sentiments has been registered against him”.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Elante Mall is the most visited place in the city beautiful Chandigarh.According to some estimates, total number of visitors to Elante Mall on weekend surpass the total number of travellers on western line in Mumbai local.

Meanwhile, a group of girls has termed the actions of Nature Kumar as insult to their love for Elante. Talking to faking news, they demanded strict punishment for him for hurting their sentiments. However, faking news correspondent had to rush for his life when one girl started singing ‘Elante Mall main chali gayi aaj, sar pe mere rehta taaj’ to express his love for Elante.