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CBSE results on way, relative moves closer to candidate's house

26, May 2017 By total gadha

Delhi: CBSE has announced that it will declare the results of class 12 board examinations by the end of the week. Since then, all the relatives of the candidates who have appeared in board exams are in high alert mode. Mr.Jigyasu Verma a resident of Port Blair, has taken it to another level. A bizarre incident happened in the capital city.

As per Unmukt’s neighbor, a distant relative who hasn’t met Unmukt since his birth has come from Andamans and rented a house near to his house, after hearing the announcement from CBSE. Whenever he sees Unmukt, he starts asking about his results.

Parents feared of his kid's poor performance as they have to face the relative every time they open the door
Parents feared of his kid’s poor performance as they have to face the relative every time they open the door

Our correspondent contacted Mr.Verma, a distant relative of Unmukt, as to know why he’s so interested in Unmukt’s results. Mr. Verma said, “When my son appeared for his board exams, Unmukt’s father, Mr.Karma masquerading as a well wisher, harassed my son by asking him about result hundred times.He even didn’t stop at that, he humiliated us by saying that his neighbor Sharmaji’s son got 94.8%”. Further, he added, “it is my time to repay to Mr.Karma. How can i afford to miss this opportunity? I’ve collected data from Coaching Classes about the students, who, they think will outperform this year. I will contact them after the results and debase Mr.Karma by telling their results”.

When asked whereabouts of his son, he proudly told, “After completing of his engineering from Mahanuvhav institute of Technology (MIT), he is currently working with Deprosys, one of the IT giants of India”.

Our correspondent spoke to Mr. Karma. He was tensed like anything.He said, ” My wife and I are very worried about Unmukt’s results. If he doesn’t get better marks than our neighbor Sharmaji’s son, how will i save my face in locality. His mother has started fasting and offering chapatis to cows for blessing”.

We contacted Unmukt, who appeared to be in easiness. He said, “A distant relative has come all the way from Port Blair and rented a house near to ours. He is very eager about my results. Apart from him, there are more than 30 relatives who are calling now and then asking about the results”. He added, “Owing to the preparation for IIT JEE since kindergarten, i have always cornered my school subjects. I don’t know how my results will be.” Further, he said,”A piece of paper can’t decide my future. Whatever may be the results, my friends and I have planned for a weed session”.

It is to be noted that this year, more than 10 lakh of students appeared in board exams conducted by CBSE. Every year CBSE bears the pain to re-unite relatives across the globe, but this year Mr. Verma took to it to a new height.