Friday, 20th April, 2018

Boy's vow for gift was fast

04, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

It is all about mother-son affection which indeed carries great weight. How has a little son shown his love for the mother on her birthday was worth reading? He was holding her mother’s attention in his sweet-talks. She was turning 41 on the existing year’s ongoing second month. Though only nine-year-old in age, he curiously asked his mother what she actually expected from him in present. That was something very moving for her. She never realised of her being born in telephone time and of her son has taken a birth in Smartphone age.

The boy anyhow persuaded her to choose the chocolate in the gift. She told him anything within your rationale. She also cleared that she would not mind if he went bringing anything by his choice.

He was saving some amount of money. Therefore, he was firm on spending out of that saved money.

His intention was also of not paying any money for a unique gift. He, at last, decided on a bar of the branded chocolate.

And no matter how many times he inquired his mother to review the decision for the present, she always remained unchanged. She actually wanted to see her son’s promise.

Taxing his mind for a few minutes he agreed upon finally. But he suggested his mother to only eat half of the chocolate and provided him with another half piece. Seconds later he put forward another condition. It was the most vital part of the conversation.

He requested his mother to recompense the amount he would spend on buying the important gift within three or four days.

However, when he was asked about the special present after returning from his school in the afternoon he simply said he forgot of his promise. He took money from his father and brought the gift.