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Blood turns out Rooh-e-Afza at 52

24, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A fully grown up man has 5-6 litres and a fully grown up woman has 4-5 litres of blood in their bodies. Blood is required by every body organs and systems. To distribute to the various body parts and collect blood from them, the heart undergoes regular contractions and relaxations. Sometimes others’ blood helps and saves the ailing man. So, blood donation has gained a kind of service to the laid up patients. Naturally, the human is so constituted as it produces the blood again. A normal healthy person with over 52 kg weight can donate blood easily. This point has been approved by the medical science.

Does this habit of donation not turn out redundant after the marriage? If a young man marries at the age of thirty years, his blood is continuously sucked by his wife from the very age of marriage and this constant process goes on with the slackening of the robust body year after year. When he, fortunately, completes fifty years of his valued married life, undeniably very scant blood corpuscles supply to the body from all alimentary canal to all body cells by way of plasma of blood. This is sufficient for listening the wife’s yelling and exclamation. Then, in such a pathetic condition how could he be able to donate the blood?

Similarly, if one gets married in forty years of the age, his bodily energy becomes dependent on various kinds of iron and protein tablets and energy boosters as well. At this matured age he even hates the customary glass of milk and if his nagging wife forbids him to gulp down that much impure whitish liquid, his feeble physical body stands on the weaker red cells for sundry purposes. By the time he reaches the age of 52 years his blood turns out to be Rooh-e-Afza which only cools his bony body.

Then in such an unfavourable situation, donating blood can never be a safer idea for a married man. In practical terms when we compare the husbands’ physical features with their confident wives, we usually get frailty staying on husbands’ side and wives look bodily strong and talkatively furtive. Who can deny the fact that the wives suck their men’s blood? They are never satisfied with the husbands’ attitudes and manners. Their usual arguments also stop the fresh blood cell formation and its glaring example comes before us in the hike in the heart attack cases. Never-ending verbal war brings the blood circulation to a worse process causing the heart to break. In such odd circumstances, husbands are dying at the fast pace, as the traditional dead body burners supposedly report.