Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Beauty covers figure, size & weight like Taj

17, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The slender figure may be a vital requirement for looking stunning but being beautiful does not mean slim, slender or thin. Beauty must be in direct proportion to the female’s figure, height and weight. This change could infuriate the weight loss pills manufacturing firms. Women’s quicker choice for reducing their extra fats will not be quite supportive for looking attractive. This would surely disturb the corporate minds as this is nearly letting them consider over the closure of their long running units. With the modification in the slim figure regulations, the prospective beauties can no longer require only slender body hence.

Since the past over several decades the women were supposed to be avoiding anything increasing their weights but now they are free to avoid such unnecessary pills. The flabby females are overjoyed to find variation in age-old conception. A thing of beauty is definitely a joy forever but it does not particularly mean the female’s slender shape. Although this assertion has come from far-off France yet it compels every beauty conscientious female to change their respective notions. The altered claim has global touch. Every country holds beauty pageants so fatty female models have now ample chance to shape their bodily figure in proportion to size and weight.

Fleshy lovely women will be considered suitable for the events thereby reviving a fresh confidence among the global beauties. There cannot be a single benchmark for a fine-looking woman. A fat woman can be as much beautiful as a slender female looks prettier. Our comedy queen Bharti must be rejoicing over this news providing her complete opportunity to appear at the global beauty pageants. More and more females of her weight and figure would likely to join her. So far as beauties like Priyanka And Deepika were finding themselves in the range. From now on several other attractive heroines would come within the ambit of the pretty woman.

The females were torturing their body in so many ways for good-looks but they have now resumed their normal eating habits. Global fashion managers went beyond the strict slender line and finished on a dismissal of the willowy hypothesis. A normal woman can be beautiful, they suggested. Now the approved doctor’s certificate in regard to their robust health has been made mandatory for participating at the various beauty competitions. What was once obligatory for the woman’s beauty has been negated. A woman’s intake is as much permissible as a man in good physical shape takes in his routine life. She is not bound to impulsively avoid foods and tasty dishes only for fulfilling the redundant beauty standard. Heath is more important than the beauty.