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Bajrang Dal announces that they will celebrate 14th February as their "Jallikattu"

12, Feb 2017 By Mayur Choudhari

Its February and just like every year, 14th Feb would turn out to be the day social media and elsewhere would be turned red for all the affectionate reasons. Not to be left behind in this age of social media and technology, the erstwhile Bajrang Dal has decided to go a step ahead and up their game. And how!

Talking in detail about this proposed makeover, Munneshwar, a Bajrang Dal idealist told that, “Taking cue from the recent protests for Jalikattu, Bajrang Dal has now decided to anoint 14th February as our own day of celebrating Jalikattu. He elaborated by saying,”Just like the format in Tamil Nadu, we too would chase around innocent and docile creatures. The only exception that we would do is that in parks and the couples sitting there would play with the bulls. Also we are highly motivated by the success of the movement in Tamil Nadu and hope for similar outcomes with our enterprise”.

Opposing a plain Valentine celebration but supporting Jallikattu Valentine Day
Opposing a plain Valentine’s celebration but supporting Jallikattu Valentine’s Day

“If people turn up in large numbers and political mileage is at stake, the system is bound to bend down. We respect the fact that the people down south came out to save their tradition. We hope to emulate the same”, he said with such vigor and enthusiasm that is otherwise absent from Dal cadres’ faces during February.

He further explained the complete program and said, “Our Jalikattu would mainly involve us running around with Laathis and beating up couples found hanging out in public or private places. We also would reward the karyakartas who are able to extract money from such couples. After that, we would have them recite the Gayatri Mantra and chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai a hundred times.”

Under serious threat because of his inquisitiveness, our reporter still went ahead and asked whether they were aware that beating up people is voluntary violence and is punishable. Irked with the revelation, Munna, however, did not faze and went to explain his stand.

“Every tradition has to start somewhere. Not allowing women inside temples was a tradition, but with passage of time people started believing in it and now it’s punishable if women do so in the name of rights. Just like that, they want to start a tradition that would eventually become a way of life for the society.”

With 14th Feb around the corner and parks already teeming with couples and wannabes strolling around, we sincerely request them to watch out and be vigilant. If not the Bajrang Dal might literally hit the Bull eye(pun intended) with you.