Thursday, 19th April, 2018

Bai & Bae hold feminine slant

15, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In the popular Hindi diction,bai” means a maid-servant who is available these days in every house. But there is brewing some political budge to hit upon their profession through a rational suggestion to the housewives for doing daily chores by themselves. This will not only keep them healthy and fit but help them surmount various diseases which normally ruin their bodily vigour. However, this logical advice seems to have gone upside down. It might be an answer to their good health as long as they see it through a feminine slant.

Before they reject this idea outright, it should be considered in a positive light. Its continuous criticism in some way is supposed to have been filling the empty space so far maintained owing to no such observation in the previous days. Though these servants give mental tension to the housewives by their different excuses and pretences, the habit of hiring them does not subside in the society. The special suggestion can be a model for the women who are often overheard complaining of their bad health. Traditionally the female-driven practice of the housekeeping is not going to be over by this kind of womanly contemplation.

Turning towards similarly sounding another Danish-originated abbreviated word “BAE” there comes some sort of sheepish tone in this three lettered word. It precisely stands for before anyone else and used by the people on the internet which means baby, sweetie or etc. This terminology into the English language is usually referred to a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a lover, a crush or really anyone considered being the most important in anyone’s life. Both the words run with different meanings in general. What is connecting with each other is its emotional bonding. So, we appear to stumble on work-life balance by these two words.