Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Baba Ramdev discovers new disease : Lazy Eye , called for Nobel Prize

03, Nov 2016 By Shubham Khandelwal

New Delhi. It was a great day in the history of medical sciences as a unique disease was discovered and that too not by doctors and researchers but by a Baba. All the doctors were eager to know about this intelligent Baba, but were aghast and taken aback with shock as it transpired that Baba belongs to India, he is none other than the Yoga Star ‘Baba Ramdev’. Due to this invention, Baba has now been honoured with a doctor degree by AIIMS Delhi

There is a huge pop among Indian media about Baba as he can be seen in any news channel now vociferously talking about how he was able to discover this disease. When one of our fake reporters tried to interview Baba, she was astonished by the name on the nameplate, it read: Dr. Baba Ramdev! When being asked about how he was able to discover this disease, he pointed at his left eye which was winking at a speed of 3 winks per second. “I was pretending from the last 10 years that its a medical problem but actually I was winking at lovely women”, he said laughing out loud (LOL). Our reporter was completely confused by this. Baba solved all her confusion by winking at her. He then told, “the pretentious left eye has now really been medically damaged and thus came the disease, LAZY EYE”.

He also claims that no medicine(not even Patanjali drops can cure it)

After this achievement, Narendra Modi has declared Baba as the director of AIIMS Delhi and the head of All India Medical Council. His name has also been sent for Nobel Prize. All the medicine companies have collaborated with Patanjali Arogya as now govt. Of India has recognised Patanjali as the first ever govt. medical company. All the cases against Baba have been pulled off. Also, he will be the chief face of BJP in UP elections.

Baba can now be seen in coat pant with a big grin on his face, he has left babagiri and will join AIIMS as the director tomorrow. After this, whole country is celebrating this achievement of Baba like they celebrated surgical strike.