Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Animal instincts dominate emotions

17, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: This is no wild theme, like the wanderings of Dickensian character Nell’s grandfather or the marriage of old devious money lender Arthur Gride.  We do chant the slogans of love to animals pet or wild! But what has been realised from the available real figures prove the combination of our kind emotions with a strong flame of smugness. The city’s zoo visitors’ numeral reached a new high on one particular day. People showed their sufficient interest in the wild animals importantly. We can perceive of the approaching change, however, faint or faded, if we weigh against our likings in other matters. We tend to turn towards the beasts.

As the reports quoting the zoo director Deepak Kumar hinted that as many as 21325 visitors paced up in the precincts of the zoo and nearly 7.56 lakh rupees was collected as revenue by this recorded entry. Previously, the zoo administration had also collected a sum of 7.24 lakh rupees as the revenue on January 26 this year. It fascinates our deep-rooted animal instincts in a highly simplified way. We are supposed to be strengthening our wild impulses by having a close look at the ferocious lion and lioness. Why do we fail to develop a sense of accountability towards meeting the old elders on those particular occasions? Is there no need to know their well-being?

By visiting the zoo and the malls we are expressing our ordinary sane self-conceit. And yet we falter in the realisation of the utter nothingness of it all. We could only perceive in our own way and that way was nearing the wild way. But with all these impending risks the outing to the zoo serves up eventually only to explain how unfitted we were for our own near and dear ones, how fitted we were for something opposite.