Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Absence from school proved wrong

26, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

School-going kids do not want to be regular students. They act as if their physical condition is not permitting them to attend the school while they keep on engaging in recreation at home. Essentially their lack of interest in the textbooks restricts them to proceed for the distantly located school. Though they go to their school by fast moving vehicles, they show so much fits of temper. Normally the kids below 10 years always abhor going to the school as they find it a very boring exercise.

But sometimes they feel just the reverse of it. A seven-year-old Saad was happy at his mother’s abrupt decision to remain absent from the school. His happiness died down until the noontime when he began to feel amply bored owing to no study, no play. He dismayingly reacted that how nice it was if he had been present at the school.

The unpleasant weather conditions led his mother to avoid school while her elder sister went for her viva.

When he has nothing to do, he started disturbing his mother unnecessarily. She got so much irritated by his naughty behaviour that she accepted it was her incalculable fault in holding him back at home. At one time he decided to water the plant. When he had nothing new in his mind he started playing with the crazy ball. Later he sat before television to view cartoons.  He could not even go outside in absence of playmates.

In the meantime, his mother decided to go to her parental home. It was time for his theology tuition teacher. He requested the teacher to come a little earlier. Thus, he got an opportunity to accompany his mother. When his final examinations are not a month away, he is frittering away time. His mother also bemoaned at her wrong decision.