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Aamir Khan to make Taare Zameen part 2: Film focuses on people who forget to turn off indicators of their vehicles

27, Jul 2016 By electroman

Mumbai. Aamir Khan is all set to launch a sequel to the super hit movie Taare Zameen Par. This time Darsheel Safari is all grown up and old enough to drive his father’s Merc on Delhi roads to run over poor people. The problem he is facing now is that he forgets to turn off his indicator lights after making the turn. He uses left indicator to turn right and vice versa.

Indicator that Darshil forgets to cut off
Indicator that Darshil forgets to cut off

This has not caused him any harm so far, but it has caused a lot of accidents for the commuters behind him. Also he is not alone. There are many people like him on Indian roads. People curse them whenever the indicator related accidents occur. Here’s when Aamir Khan enters the story line and explains that this is a form of autism.

He then goes on and trains Darsheel to properly use the indicators over a course of 5 years. He also admits the other special people in his new school for the gifted. Then one fine day Darsheel takes his family out with him in his car. He uses the indicators normally, he also beats up people like any other normal Road raged Delhiite. Then the credits roll with the catch phrase. “Every Moron is Special”.

There is also a part 3 in the works. It is rumoured that it focuses on Sadistic people who use High beam to make people blind.