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A bizzare birthday

14, Aug 2017 By Syeda Zahara jabeen

In a one of it’s kind of incident nine youngsters aged between 18 to 22 ate away a birthday cake without smashing it on birthday boy’s face. If sources are to be believed, Prateek Reddy a BBA first year student from Holy Moly college of Business Management was all excited to celebrate his 18th birthday with his classmates and seniors. As decided, they headed to a popular eatery near their College. Everything was going well until he cut the cake. To his dismay, none of his friends came forward to smash cake on his face disturbing him deeply. Instead they all sat down while two friends Rani and Akshit served the cake without any mess.

An onlooker said “I am afraid these kids are not getting the right exposure because they lack basic birthday celebration etiquettes. They were enjoying the cake politely without disturbing fellow diners which is unacceptable”.

Speaking to our reporter Prateek’s father Mukesh Reddy said, “In this era it is mandatory for birthday boy/girl to take pictures with face covered with cake. How can Prateek’s friends celebrate his birthday without smearing cake on his face?”

Mr. Reddy elaborates further, “We are getting requests from friends and family on WhatsApp and Facebook for birthday pictures. We had to make excuses. It is very embarrassing for us to answer their umpteen questions. Last month we uploaded my second son’s birthday pictures with a completely destroyed Rs. 500 cake. Since it was celebrated at home, we managed with only 300 likes. This time my expectations were high. our target was at least 500 likes as our investment was a Rs.1200 cake at a popular eatery.” We tried meeting Prateek but he refused to see anybody.

Wiping her tears Prateek’s mother Damini Reddy returns in disappointment after knocking his door for the fifth time in the past 30 minutes . “My son is in denial and he locked himself in his room. This shall pass soon. It will take sometime for my son to accept it,” she said between her sobs.