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20 year boy seeks Param Veer Chakra for quitting the family Whatsapp group

26, Dec 2016 By rofl gujju
That sad moment
That sad moment

Idea Internet university campus: A 20 year student of the sociology made sensation on the campus when he quit family Whatsapp group named “Kahani Ghar Ghar Kee”. The news spread in campus like wild fire and all celebrated the step.

Next day, this step was extensively covered by the media and the boy got overwhelmed by it. After the media coverage, he understood how heroic his step was! Later, this boy claimed Param Veer Chakra form the Government. Government in reply said, “Though the Student’s step was historic for the societal reform, Govt can not give Param Veer Chakra as it is only meant for the army personnel”. However, the govt has promised him Padma Award for such social reformative step.

Faking news reporter interviewed that boy and asked, “How have you got inspired to take such heroic step for the social reforms?” In reply the boy said, “भाई गलती किससे नहीं होती? क्रिसमस पार्टी थी और ज्यादा पी ली थी. इसी चक्कर में गलती से फॅमिली ग्रुप से क्विट हो गया! बाकि तो मेरी मति मरी गयी है जो ऐसा करने का भी सोचूँ ?