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Zuckerburg’s relief plan after hiding Whatsapp’s Last Seen

03, Apr 2014 By mayoosmeena

In a bizarre incident today, Mark Zuckerburg announced a relief plan for wives and girlfriends who were traumatized by the introduction of hiding Whatsapp’s Last seen feature. The relief plan was introduced on Facebook- phrases like ‘In a relationship with’ ‘married to’ ‘engaged with’ will garner feed of messages, posts, comments and likes on the wall of gf/wife from the account of bf/husband.

Good step?

Apparently, on the introduction of the last seen hide- there was a nationwide protest wherein the National Commission of Women demanded this feature to be taken back and another feature of ‘Last seen with’ to be added. But inability to fulfill the demand saw an attrition from female users from Whatsapp since their bf/husbands had very cleverly used the new feature to their advantage.

To appease the females, Zuckerburg came out with the new feature on Facebook which would give them a hold over their bfs/husbands activity on Facebook.

Seeing this move, a wife Doubtful Dimpy said, “Inspite of asking many a times my husband never gave me his Facebook password, this is a major relief in the life of ladies like me who always wonder about the short skirts and high heels of their husband’s colleagues”.

Whereas a stoned husband Mayoos Manish said, “This is a major setback in my life. Now my wife would know almost everything I do on Facebook. And I cannot even migrate to any other Social network since I will not be able to see the profile picture of short skirt Shampa in her short skirts”.

Hiding the Whatsapp Last seen has certainly created ripples in society and also stolen its beauty.