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Zuckerberg trolls AAP, changes WhatsApp to WhatsAAP

09, Jul 2014 By ajeeb

The aam application

Trolling of AAP on social platforms took a new turn yesterday when Mark Zuckerberg the cerebrum behind Facebook took an initiative in this regard. His recently acquired WhatsApp INC. an instant messaging proprietary is going to be renamed as “Whats aap” in the Indian subcontinent.

Common Indians are extremely happy after hearing this news, as most of them anyway used to pronounce it in the way it is going to be now.

“Whats AAP is going to be better than WhatsAap!” Kunj Kishori Narayan told FN. AAP trollers are calling it a cult revolution.

As Kejriwal is busy in providing information on black money to the government of India and other members are busy in meetings with Sunny Leone regarding the coming elections there is no news of chaos in front of the Facebook office via any Dharnas.

“Recently I met a priest Mr. Antarjal Prasad who advised me to put an “a” instead of “p”, and has claimed that this is going to diminish any further server issues. Even I have also heard of many Indians who got charm in their lives after some alphabetical alterations in their names, So I planned to give it a try in India,” said Zuckerberg laughing absurdly.