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Zuckerberg hires Indian social media agency to save FB from Indian politicians

15, Apr 2014 By sss2012

Unable to find anything other than NaMo, RaGa, AK, Pheku, Pappu, FB India head, Ms Reddy requested Zuckerberg to hire an Indian social media agency to promote anything other than politics.

Mark Zuckerberg
“It’s necessary”

“Due to the excessive flow of political content, our audiences are experiencing bouts of Modisklerosis, Pappuzitis or Kejaria. These victims of paid social content shout slogans supporting their parties even while sleeping. So, it was necessary to add some other content to divert their minds”, said Ms Reddy.

But industry insiders believe this to be a desperate attempt by Zuckerberg to save the last remaining youngsters who still use FB from abandoning it. Analyst at Silverwoman Bags believes this to be beneficial for the company in the long run although the money paid today to counter Indian politicians ‘ campaign could get FB to run into losses for atleast three quarters.

When we asked a few youngsters about this drive launched by FB, they didn’t really care a damn. But their fathers thought it was unconstitutional by FB to plant content to divert their minds away from politics. Some even said that debates on FB were even more important than voting. Meanwhile, incumbent IB minister and senior lawyer Vakil Bibbal threatened to bring social media under government’s control once again.