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YouTube comments kill youth

27, Sep 2014 By ojaswini

On September 25th, 2014 a youth was reportedly found dead in his Delhi home. After autopsy, the doctors declared that the body had undergone severe mental torture. The reason speculated behind the same is the youth’s constant addiction to YouTube channels. After tracking the boy’s e-mail account it has been found that the boy subscribed 100+ YouTube Channels and despite his busy college and coaching schedules, took out 2 hours each day to view trending videos on YouTube from around the world.

The comments can be dangerous
The comments can be dangerous

It has also been found out that the youth was always hooked to his smartphone and never missed to read YouTube comments. For the last few days he has been very depressed. Gradually his body started undergoing severe changes due to the mental torture he faced on account of the high quality grammar and incredibly decent language the users used on comments. Also the many ‘studs’ made him feel shallow and under-confident.  For the last six months he has been undergoing regular therapies as his mother told one of our reporters. However, nothing helped. And on Thursday the family and friend of this young Delhi boy had to come to terms with the sad demise of this youth.

A bunch of YouTube commenters have decided to mourn in silence for two days in remembrance of this boy. His best friend also told us how he once attempted suicide after reading over 200 extremely sexist comments on a feminist video posted by a YouTube Channel. His family and friends are in inconsolable. The boy tried his best to not feel belittled by the myriad of pathetic comments he read online, however, fate never supported him. Eventually his body gave up.

For the last two months he had complained of severe headache many times, however, no medicines could cease them.

This is the third of its kind death in the last three months. Last year the deaths due to YouTube comments as recorded by a National Survey was 200 while this year until now an average increase is speculated.  Challenge for our health care industry is to develop better medicines and surgeries to curb such fatality.