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Youth calls father "Bae", who mishears it for "Abe", thrashes son for hours

13, May 2016 By bumbegum

Delhi: In a shocking incident of East Delhi, Rocky, 19, a student of Amity International, gets beaten up by his father after he called him “Bae” during their conversation.

The incident took place when Rocky came home late, like every other day, after not attending college, had a hectic day, hence decided to take a nap. His father, agitated by Rocky’s careless attitude woke him up and started a round of questions, mostly related to his marks and pending backs.

#BaeisBae trending after Rocky’s thrashing
#BaeisBae trending after Rocky’s thrashing

Extremely tired after a long day, rocky tried to persuade his father to let him sleep and said, “Listen Bae. Will you let me sleep?” After hearing these words, Rocky’s father seemed to have taken a Herculean avatar and started thrashing him with whatever came in his hands. He kept on shouting, “Baap ko Abe bolega?” during this process and the witness have said that something had taken over him.

Rocky was immediately taken to the hospital, and is currently stable but advised complete bed rest. Reaching to him for his comments, he softly said, “I am doing fine now physically. But emotional healing will take it’s time bro. I can not recall what I went through in those hours! The only good thing about this is the attention and messages I’m getting from girls on Facebook!” Our reporter further asked him where he picked the word from to which he replied, “Facebook, Instagram, the entire Internet is flooded with Bae. I call my friends, their girlfriends, their sisters, everybody Bae, and man I guess it’s an accepted word in the oxford right?” Unable to continue the interview, due to Rocky’s health, our reporter tried to contact his father.

“If your kid addresses you as Abe, you would do no different than what I did. Entire day he stays out of home, god knows how many group studies kids have these days, then he comes home and simply goes to bed, and over it he has the audacity to address his father as “Abe”! Binna maar ke ladke nahi sudharte!”, said Rocky’s father.

The internet declared this incident as “rarest of rare”, with people(mostly teenage boys and girls) coming in Rocky’s defence. Many of his friends are putting up dp’s with him on Facebook and Whatsapp. The hashtag #RockyisBae was trending for days on the Internet. Rocky’s father still believes his son addressed him as “Abe” and refuses to accept a word like “Bae” exists and calls it a pointless cover up by his son.