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Youth admits to experiencing Yoga's health benefits by retweeting Yoga Day pics from his couch

21, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore: In what is being regarded as a convenient aasana for the urban couch potatoes, a young IT professional from India’s Silicon Valley has reportedly admitted to experiencing the health benefits of Yoga after retweeting #InternationalDayOfYoga pictures from across different parts of the world.

Susth retweeting from his sofa.

We live in a sedentary society where unburnt calories at unwanted places in our bodies are safeguarded by lethargy. Twitterasana comes as a major sigh of relief for those belonging to this society.

Faking News reporters spoke to Susth Kumar who loves sitting on the couch so much that he even plans convenient protests at home while sitting on it. Susth was awestruck with his discovery of health benefits due to RTs as he said, “I was still lazing on my bed when I saw our PM Modi ji perform all kinds of aasanas at Rajpath with such ease. I felt really proud to have such a PM. I immediately logged into Twitter and found #InternationalDayOfYoga trending at the top.”

“There were a wide variety of tweets with that hashtag. Some conveyed respect to the ancient practice while most of them were pictures of people performing Yoga. I retweeted around 450 pictures and to my surprise, I lost 2 kg weight in doing so. The same pajama I was wearing while sitting on the couch felt loose once I got up to relieve myself a few hours later. If this is not miracle, I ask what is?”, remarked Susth as he continued the retweet saga on Twitter.

Hypocrisy manifests itself in a new form everyday and what Susth has experienced is just one example. It is just not enough for one to comment ‘master stroke’, ‘excellent work’ when what one is supposed to do is just follow what you preach.