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Youngster reports rains through Facebook status before the weather forecasting department

16, Jun 2016 By bumbegum

“Awesome Mausam”

Gujarat: In an incredible incident, Tanmay Patel, 21 years old youngster reported the onset of rainfall in the state before the weather forecasting department.

Tanmay reported the onset of rainfall through his Facebook status which was as follows, “Feeling romantic with 17 others, Wow baarish aane wali hai!!”

Weather forecasting department has shown it’s amusement and has said that this incident is close to a miracle. Mr.Bhat talked to our reporter and said, ” Tanmay is a genius! We’ve nominated his name to our seniors for declaration of some prize. He deserves it! Forecasting rains through a status is not a cake walk. He possibly has some mystical powers.”

Tanmay was extremely excited and happy when approached by our reporters. He took a selfie before starting the interview and continued to say, “Monsoon is always the season for updating Awesome Mausam status. I thought of doing it too but never imagined this reaction. I’m planning to start my own weather forecasting business now.”

On the other hand there has been an out pour of anger from many young boys and girls on twitter and Facebook. Many are feeling dejected and left out. Laxmi who runs her social accounts with the name “Angel lax” talked to one of reporters and said, “This is completely unfair. I’ve been updating statuses on Facebook before every rain of the monsoon. Tanmay just tagged some 17-18 people, whereas I tag at least 30. And still his status got the attention and hype! This is sexism. There’s no equal opportunity for girls in this country and I demand a quota.”

Many youngsters are upset with the limelight Tanmay is enjoying. They believe they’ve updated way more statuses than him and still never got any appreciation whereas Tanmay is being lauded with gifts and appreciation.