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World productivity at all time high as WhatsApp experiences downtime

30, Oct 2013 By m1hirk

Whatsapp experienced down time for a few hours on Tuesday. As calculated by Unemployed & Old, a leading analytics company, the overall productivity at various schools, offices, telephone booths etc. increased by an estimated 23%.

Wonline Emojizer, a 23 year old engineer working at Alpha Beta said that he had no choice except to work in office as WhatsApp was down. He said he had bought the iPhone 5S just for using WhatsApp and didn’t install any other applications.

Performance breaker.
A boon or bane?

Analysts predict that if WhatAapp remains down for a few hours every day, humans will be able to solve most of the major problems that are currently faced by them.

They say that Man will be able to set foot on Mars in a few months if the proposal is accepted. Also, Softsync, the huge IT giant recorded a growth in revenue by 35%. The board credits Whatsapp down time as the major reason of this surge in revenues in an otherwise loss making quarter.

Meanwhile, many organisations have started protesting against the proposed down time. They say they would miss its ‘Last Seen’ feature and would not be able to stalk properly. They also threaten to move to apps such as BBM and WeChat for instant messaging if the proposal is accepted.

They have also started circulating hoax messages by WhatsApp CEO Jim Balsamic to promote their cause. Meanwhile, WhatsApp couldn’t be reached on their official Twitter ID to clarify this issue.