Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Words become wood fire amid stress

24, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: One must have a sort of doable and viable hospitality. At least this kind of nicer nature will take out the constant tension hovering into one’s mind. If one can plan such sensible initiative, one should meet up a stranger every other day. Why should one do this? This is so because of giving more attention towards that new person. This can help in getting rid of the acute stress dominating one’s mind. But in this time of fast moving life, none cares about another person. One sees only one’s own benefit in every action.

Then why should one think of the delight by this odd way? As we are well aware of the fact that the life is changing rapidly and the situations are transforming side by side, there is a necessity to think an alternative. The poet’s lines ‘no time to stand and stare’ look practical in today’s persisting scenario. When a patient reaches the doctor’s clinic, his disturbed mind quickly signals him of ensuring related problems. His worries bring tension leading his heart’s throb slow and even slower. If the parents luckily arrange their daughter’s wedding they face the tension of the adequate money for solemnising the rites. This tendency somehow causes the brain haemorrhage.

Likewise, when one finds one’s house cracking or leaving its plasters, one comes into tension directly. One fails to understand whether the old house should be dismantled or sold or bought a new flat in lieu of the money received from the sale proceeds of the old house. One also feels how could be sold one’s parental house so easily.  The actual story begins to sound somewhat clearly in one’s ears. One’s attention begins to distract from social life. Others’ words begin to look like great wood fire in the midst of anxieties. All good qualities perpetually fade into the mist of one’s misfortunes.