Sunday, 22nd April, 2018

Women don't need to edit their photographs before uploading them on social media: Announces PM Modi

18, Apr 2017 By Anusha Kovvuri

PM Modi has just announced a good news for all the women on social media who were planning to upload new pics on social media, but are stuck up in the process of editing the photographs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that women are free to retain their original complexions on social networks.

PM Modi checking Facebook for trends and response
PM Modi checking Facebook for trends and response

As a step towards equality, PM Modi has also announced the same for men, although all the news firms have decided to highlight the decision w.r.t women for the sake of getting more shares on social media by most people who decide the news based on the headlines!

“From now onwards, men & women will not have to change their real faces on social media,” Modi told a gathering of the citizens over a video conferencing. The government wants the people especially woman of the house to be the priority in all of its development schemes, he added.

Citing various schemes launched by his government, the Prime Minister said the removal of law to change name after marriage and removal of reservations in few private colleges that majorly depend on cash-based admissions, as steps towards better tomorrow and better election thoughts.

Women & men on social media have applauded this step by the PM extensively, after uploading a pic with heavy filters and photoshop.