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Woman in midlife crisis starts posting on social media all of a sudden

09, Sep 2014 By Agnel

Kala is said to have been a quiet girl through her school and college life and in the initial days of her career too but it seems something has triggered her inexplicable use of social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (I don’t know how that works).

Sad Women
Mid life crisis?

It is said that she is possibly undergoing a midlife crisis and scientists are striving to unearth the life incident after which she has become so socially active and making conscious efforts to prove she’s got a great life, great friends, a loving family and an amazing career.

It is said that nobody – I repeat NOBODY knew where Kala was all these years – the last any of her friends heard about her was in school and then there was the occasional text message she would send to them which was a stale joke. Her college friends knew very little about her school and her school friends didn’t know which college she attended.

She now has become so vocal on Facebook and Instagram that it sometimes is difficult to believe it is the same person. Her friend on anonymity said, “I never knew of her friends or about where she went etc. Once a year or so she would change her profile pic but now she does so every other week and tags herself at every possible location. It’s kind of impossible to believe that it’s the same girl. I wonder what happened to her.”

Psychologists say that it’s her way of getting attention from the world – a factor she had been craving for all the while but wasn’t able to realize that dream and not she seems to be basking in that attention but are unable to still find the trigger.

It is rumored that she ended a long-standing relationship with her abusive boyfriend recently but conservative society, counsellors and scientists are unwilling to look at that angle given Kala was a quiet girl and not the type that would have boyfriends. Moreover they do not wish to malign her character by discussing or researching such fronts.