Monday, 19th February, 2018

Will offer 100kg Laddu to Lord Hanuman ji to apologize: Snapdeal CEO

22, Apr 2017 By AMIT PANDEY

After hearing about the fiasco created by Snapchat CEO Evan Thomas Spiegel by stating India too poor to expand. Evan realized he has messed with the wrong people. Here in India in a massive uproar to Desh bhakti, people started giving a 1-star rating to not only Snapchat but too Snapdeal too, maybe in a hurry to teach him a lesson. Whereas, Evan himself is surprised by the allegations. He says he never said that sentence and it’s just a baseless allegation.

Able to comment after his weekend golf outing. Maybe weekends for him never been this hectic after seeing Indian people commenting on Google Play store. While Evan seems surprised, Snapdeal has taken a hit too, cause people were unable to distinguish Snapchat to Snapdeal, an employee based on anonymity said we have decided to rename Snapdeal to “Lag gaye deal ke” with tagline “hamari kya galti, humko kyu saja”, which will make users more connected to India and save them from future timely orgasms of people commenting on random apps and rating without even downloading them. Snapchat said they had only 40million users worldwide but have got comments from 50million people saying one thing or the another.

Coming to the scenario with Snapchat, CEO has consulted Indians based in the USA for quick help and some pundits have suggested him to pray to lord Hanuman, to which he happily agreed and says he will offer Hanumanji 100kgs laddu for Indians to forgive him. So Indians please forgive him, like he does care.