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Wife rips, husband repairs

04, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Husband-wife argument continues on every topic. There is no end to it. The husband, who for a period of time turns out detestable for the wife, sooner becomes tolerable for her. The same point applies to the wife for the hubby and the life gradually reaches the point of no return. Both accept that they do not want to say anything making their lives miserable but the situation worsens spontaneously.

Ripping and repairing are facts of the married life. It cannot be altogether rejected. Some call this kind of tendency as a drama which is always far from over while others identify it as a necessity for a conjugal relationship. Both keep their relationship very supportive but suddenly it worsens owing to unfathomable reason.

Their argumentative talks commence with stroppy matter and take a very disastrous form. In a sleepy condition, the wife asked her good-humoured husband to prepare morning breakfast as Sunny Leone’s husband executes. But like a traditional indigenous husband, he moved out of the house in anger. He might not have considered his wife’s request good enough to follow. He found her wife too assertive to compel her for making breakfast.

Seeing her husband’s unsympathetic mood the scared wife remained tight-lipped. Her husband in a fit of fury told her that he was going to the lawyer for his suggestions on the divorce. The wife tried to pacify him. He was not ready to even hear a single word from his garrulous wife. He angrily rushed to the lawyer’s residence. In no time the husband returned and began preparing the breakfast. Surprised with this sudden change in his nature the wife approached her husband to enquire of the unexpected modification. What he revealed his inquisitive wife was too astonishing to hear. The words ripped the wife. He said: He saw the lawyer washing utensils with as much expertise as legal acumen he used to show at the time of solving the cases.