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Wife files divorce as husband wishes her happy birthday personally instead of wishing through Facebook

13, Dec 2016 By The Illusionist

New Delhi. In a recent incident, a lady filed a divorce after she claimed her marriage was on the rocks due to domestic Internet violence. Faking news was informed by her neighbors that the tension started between the couple when husband did not like a single profile picture of his wife updated by her five times in a day.

Wife not ready to buy any explanation given by her husband.
Wife not ready to buy any explanation given by her husband.

The tension reached the climax when the husband dared to wish her on her birthday personally with no “baby love you”, “ma wifey” or “feeling wonderful” quotes on FB. On talking to Faking news the wife’s friend Pammi Chadda said, “She was so hurts that she didn’t change a single profile pictures for two hours. Aji ye bhi koi baat hui. Jo pyar karega apni biwi se wo koi akele me thode hi wish karega. Poore duniya ke saamne dil kholke wish karega na. Fitte mooh!” This news has become overnight sensation as All India Facebook Lover’s Association has demanded justice for the poor wife who was “feeling annoyed” and was busy uploading another profile picture in monochrome (with respect to the gloomy occasion). Pammi added that true love and lovers exists only on Facebook who respect every small occasion and wish on Facebook instead of personally.

Several associations have raised voice against such marital discord and demanded the husband to like all the pages related to Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal reacted to this news by tweeting “Hindu muslim ke baad ab Modiji pati patni ko alag karke desh baantana chahte hain”.