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Wi-Fi coverage falls short of wife's grasp

28, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: With the fast increase in the everyday use of the mobile phones, the need for Wi-Fi is continuously expanding. The mobile users maintain a keen desire for the net signal through the modern wireless mode. This is possible through advanced technological access. However, the access remains limited despite all the efforts of the computer scientists. This does not send this feeling that the limited area access is not serving the purpose of the mobile users.

When the net charge offers are rising a little higher in spite of competitive rates, the customers await the Wi-Fi facility for free usage. The limit has probably been imposed simply because of this notion that one cannot make use of this free facility at every spot. But what brainy wives are saying at this limited coverage is that their coverage areas are much wider. This was recognized when one lady was telling another working woman of the distinction between the wife’s coverage area and the Wi-Fi coverage area. As everyone understands that the Wi-Fi signal grasp remains practically limited, the wife’s mind’s eye covers a larger area than the wireless fidelity in a given duration. Howsoever, the intelligent husbands might maintain distance from the falcon-eyed wives, they are always in their direct coverage area. This is definitely a factual side.

It is the wife who keeps a constant watch on her hubby’s movement throughout the day and night. So there is no chance for the battered husband to escape from her close watch. The wife’s coverage is stronger than the scientific Wi-Fi method. It was because of this reason the age-old tradition of employing the female spies had started in the ancient times and this historically goes back to Chandragupta Maurya’s times in our great country. Even the spiritual gurus followed this very efficient practice.