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WhatsApp reveals 'Can't talk, WhatsApp only' was inspired by Manmohan Singh

07, Apr 2014 By Sachin Jain

In a shocking development, WhatsApp has revealed that its tailor made status option ‘Can’t talk, WhatsApp only’ was inspired by none other than Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Manmohan Singh

Mr. Brian Acton, (founder of WhatsApp) told this exclusively to our reporter Altu Faltu. He said that while other status option were very generic in nature such as Available, Busy etc, the company wanted to create something unique for the users.

“Dr. Manmohan Singh is unique in his own way that he has managed to stay the PM of world’s largest democracy even when he doesn’t speak. This is the message we want to deliver to our users, Dont talk and use WhatsApp”, said Acton. “Once he retires in May 2014, we plan to hire him as a brand ambassador for WhatsApp.”

As expected the news failed to get any kind of response from Manmohan Singh himself but it has brought in an earthquake like situation in Indian politics.

UPA is in celebration mood as this is being considered as biggest achievement of his tenure as PM. They are expecting this to translate into votes from youngsters.

Others parties are left to play the catch-up game. BJP back room managers are in talks with WhatsApp to introduce a Modi inspired status such as “Drinking Chai”

On the other hand Arvind Kejiriwal was found asking people for address of WhatsApp headquarters as he is planning to sit on a dharna there as the status was inspired by a VIP and not an aam admi like him. “Hum iss VIP culture ko khatam karna chahte hai” he was heard shouting.