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What would People update from trains after Railway Minister announced Free WiFi?

27, Feb 2013 By rishabhgupta

Yesterday, our Railway Minister announced that soon (the ‘soon’ word for the Government of India usually means at least 3 to 4 years) some trains will be equipped with free WiFi in them. Although it wasn’t expected, as most of the people travelling by trains complained about the quality of food and water, about which no specific announcement was made.

The Railways will provide WiFi in trains, but because it is free, there are chances that the speed of WiFi could be even slower than the IRCTC website.

Although, if it doesn’t happen, what type of updates will the people of our country post from the trains on various Social Networking sites?

Here are some updates which our citizens would probably post on their respective accounts:-

1 – Just entered the Train. Started using WiFi. #TestingTheSpeed

2 – Somebody stole Ramesh Ji’s wallet in Garib Rath 2A, Seat no. 54. Anyone travelling with the same train? #Help #PleaseRT

3 – Just saw a movie on the net. ‘The Burning Train’. Neend nahi aa rahi ab.

4 – Our train has just entered Delhi, and the name of the WiFi changed to ‘MMS Network’. Kuch der ke liye to dar hi gaya, but thanks to Mr Sharma, the passenger sitting besides me, who told me that MMS Stands for Manmohan Singh. Saala tabhi net itna slow ho hai gaya ek dam se.

5 – Yaar badi achi neend aayi train me. Jaipur utarna tha, Jodhpur utar gaye.

6  – In Toilet. Yahan bhi WiFi chal raha hai. #Kudos

7 – Watching the match on the train! And guess what, even Ravichandran Ashwin’s bowling speed is faster than the streaming speed. #LiveStreamingSucks

8 – Abe yaar is train me Parde nahi hai! Sab mera Facebook dekh lenge!!

9 – Oye DBRT Rajdhani se koi Twitter pe hai? Agar hai to Follow karo. Baat karenge.

10 – Vaise abhi bhi chance to hai. Train ka reservation cancel kara kar Air Ticket kara lu? Badi bekaar seats hai yaar! #Help.

Please use hashtag #FreeWiFiTweets to come up with more such tweets that you imagine people would tweet when this promise becomes reality (will it?)