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Virat recognizes one image

14, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It became a topic of controversy when Indian cricket hero Virat Kohli unintentionally erred in his hasty posting of the picture of a women’s team cricketer for another photo. As it is quite evident he is recognising only one single pretty face or picture of successful film actress these days. His company with that leading actress is known to everyone. He in his interview said that she accompanied her on a variety of occasions. When he was declared the test team captain in Melbourne, she was lending her full support to the cricketer in that part of Australia.

It was no coincidence. They are taking pleasure in each other’s company because of their fast friendship. Both are providing ample time to each other. They are pretty famous celebrities. Of course, one is known for his cricketing skills while other is renowned for her acting proficiency. Two popular people meet together to seek another height of reputation in the sphere of love as was even explained by none other than Kohli himself.

In his utter excitement recently he made a grave mistake which was brought to his notice by the online community. Totally immersed in the lone image of Anushka Sharma in the city of New York in America, he was unable to see another image correctly. In his bid to pass on good wishes to Mithali Raj for her extraordinary performance on the women cricket field, he wrongly used a picture of Poonam Raut who scored a century against Australia in the ICC Women’s World Cup instead. Even though Kohli did not realize his serious fault, the social media users apprised him of this inadvertent error committed by him. He was said to have been spending quality time with his lady love prior to his departure to the Sri Lanka tour.