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Unable to skip "Har Hath Lollipop" ad on YouTube, youth gives up "Baby Doll" video

17, Apr 2014 By Lunatic509

The recent trend of unskippable  political ads in YouTube has unsettled many people desirous of uninterrupted entertainment.

Ad Spoof

After the epic struggle of 15 cups of machine coffees, 10 forwarded emails and random project related work in spare time, Kapil, an IT employee, clicked Sunny Leonne’s Baby Doll video in YouTube. But instead he saw a baby in Har Hath Lolipop video that spoofs Rahul’s Har Hath Shakti video which by the way needs no external spoof to be funny. The ad didn’t even had the usual SKIP AD button and ran fully without buffering. After visualizing the lollipop in his hands, he could no more concentrate on the silicon diva and decided to vote for a “hand” sign anyway. With his mood spoiled entirely, he wrote angry comments against BJP for which he was scolded vehemently in un-parliamentary language (now a days they are used in Parliament too) by linguists who also campaigned in YouTube’s comments section for inclusion of NaMo word in Oxford dictionary.

Such is the misery of many YouTube users thanks to the active political campaigning of NaMo for 2014 election,  and the Gandhi team for 2019 election (as they are convinced of their victory by huge margin this election anyway). AAP leaders are too busy being slapped to concentrate on advertisement.

“Most frustrating fact is that these ads play at inappropriate times” says Sameer who along with his dancing friends had to see the entire “Me Desh Nahi Mitne Dunga” song featuring Modi on a dark mountain during a cyclone just before Desi Girl in Hot Bollywood Songs Album during his house party.

The quality of YouTube ads has deteriorated immensely in the last few days. Gone are the days when songs likeRap God by Eminem and Blue Eyes by Honey Singh used to come as ads. While the ads are pissing off many youngsters who don’t care Rahul’s or Namo’s relationship status in FB, they are still better than the OldSpice ad featuring semi nude Miland Soman according to our Faking News correspondent, “Mother Promise”.