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Unable to share Sai Baba post on Facebook within 3 seconds, man mysteriously disappears

02, Jul 2016 By arun1117

Bangalore. Barun, a software engineer, mysteriously disappears 2 weeks after he failed to share a Sai Baba post through his Facebook profile within 3 seconds.

Angry Barun, made at his ever-hanging phone, which was the main reason of his ill-luck
Angry Barun, made at his ever-hanging phone, which was the main reason of his ill-luck

The 28 years old bachelor had been known to be a simple man with no bad habits leading a simple life. When one day Bindiya, an office colleague, shared a post on her Facebook profile of Sai Baba. It said, “Share within 3 seconds and good luck will follow”. Barun, who lately had been suffering problems with his Lava Iris x8, saw the post and immediately responded. But unfortunately his dumbphone hanged for few seconds and it took 3.5 seconds to share the post. Unaware about the timing, Barun didn’t know about the bad omen which was soon going to follow him.

“One day while we were crossing the road, he was hit by a bullock running madly towards him. He survived that accident with some minor injuries”, said Mahindra Gore, his office colleague, “It appeared as if the cattle was furious about something and had intentions to hurt just Barun and no one else.”

“We were passing by a restaurant under construction, when all of a sudden a pigeon came flying on top of us and carefully took a dump which landed perfectly on top of the new white shirt of Barun. I could see the red evil eyes filled with hatred of the pigeon. It surely ruined his day as he was going for an important  interview and that was his favorite shirt”, Said Imran Khan, his close friend.

“The other day we were playing chain reaction on our dumbphones, and we could not believe that once a champion of this game was getting defeated in every game. He looked embarrassed and depressed”, said Somel chakhna, office colleague.

“He looked weak and I could see all these wrinkles all over his muscles as if he was aging way too faster. Once a guy who could easily do 25 pullups and 80 pushups, now can barely even look up”, said Sunnycant Acharya, his gym buddy, “I was like Bro do you even lift?”

Two weeks later the neighbors were complaining of some foul  smell coming out of Barun’s apartment. When the police broke into his apartment, they were all surprised to find that Barun was not there while the smell was coming out of the dirty laundry he had kept for her maid to clean.