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Two people never talked in college fought over a status in facebook

10, Dec 2013 By fekuinsaan

In a shocking incident last night, Chantu and Bantu fought furiously over a facebook status. They are engineering grads from Asaram Bapu Institute of Technology and are working in a prestigious IT company now. Their close friend Motilal who happens to be the mutual friend of both told us that they never talked in college as they are from different streams and he doubted they hardly knew each other before adding on facebook. This unfortunate incident started last night when Chantu came up with a brilliant status in facebook which goes like this “Getting married before 30 is like leaving party before 10 PM…”. 27 year old Bantu who married three years back and even have a one year old kid couldn’t control his emotions over the status message and broke out completely. Our FN reporter Mr Banwarilal Snoopwala got some glimpse of their fight from their mutual friend Motilal. Below is a small excerpt from the fight:-

Chantu: Getting married before 30 is like leaving party before 10 PM… feeling awesome.

Bantu : Grapes are always sour if you cannot reach them !!!

Chantu: Grapes are always reachable but the matter of fact here for bachelors like us is how late and how much sweeter grapes we reach

Bantu: Grapes do not remain sweet for a long time. You need to taste them much early before it starts getting rotten!!!

Chantu: Wine is made of rotten grapes  

Bantu: Ya mate I know as a bachelor you can’t think beyond wine… 

Chantu: Ya mate same here I know that feeling when you are deprived of the heavenly happiness of wine and stuffs after marriage… 

Bantu: hey you will never understand the beauty of married life… Happiness is taking a long walk with your queen alongside a beach in setting sun.

Chantu: hehehe lol… Happiness is changing the diaper of your kid…

We could not post the entire set of comments here now as 256 comments were reported to have been made as reports last came in. But Dhoklapost.com would soon post the entire excerpt of the fight tomorrow. Bantu immediately became furious after that comment from Chantu and the personal attack on each other began thereafter even if they knew nothing about each other personally. After being done with their personal attacks Sallu vs SRK, Modi vs Kejri, Pappu vs Kapil were the peak attractions of their fight, said Motilal their mutual friend and one of the keen observer of the fight. Motilal said he and his friends couldn’t sleep last night as the fight continued till 3 AM until both Chantu and Bantu finished up blocking each other. Both Chantu and Bantu were not available for comments this morning as Chantu was found sound asleep after a bottle of Old Monk and Bantu was busy shopping with his wife and kid in spite of spending a sleepless night.