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Twitter renames its India chapter as “Bhadaaster”

27, Jan 2014 By Gaura

In a path breaking meeting held here in San Francisco head quarters, the Board of Directors of Twitter Inc. have decided to pass a resolution to rename the Indian Chapter of Twitter as “Bhadaaster”.  The company had recently conducted a survey amongst the people using twitter worldwide. The finding proved to be quite eye opening. When asked why you use twitter, a large 77.8% said that they use it as a medium to vent out their anger.

Twitter - a strange place to be.
Twitter – a strange place to be.

The respondents expressed that since it is a faceless medium, it gets much easier to do so. On a close analysis of the survey data, a team of experts found that; out of those who say that they use it for venting out, a whooping 64% are from India. Following this observation, Twitter had hired world famous international survey brand, AC Nielson to conduct survey amongst Indians. The survey results also concluded the same.

They also claimed that the Twitter is being effectively used as latest tool for election campaign and abuse. Almost one-third of the respondents using twitter say that they start their day by abusing the politicians of the party they don’t like. In the recommendation report, AC Nielson has advised Twitter to start a campaign wherein all the abusive tweets will be rewarded suitably.

With Lok Sabha elections approaching, Twitter has come up with a model to categorize all the abusive tweets into categories like; Very Good, Good, Average, Poor, Very Poor. All the people whose tweets will come in the “very poor category” for more than a  month will be given warning and in case this exceed to more than two months, strict actions will be taken against them.

However they are still not sure as to how to reward the retweets of all the abusive tweets. A resolution was also passed to hire a Advertisement agency to propose a suitable solution. The agency will have 7 days to come up with this as Twitter doesn’t want to waste time given the fact that ECI can anytime announce the dates of election.

Mayavati of BSP, has approached ECI to pose a blanket ban on political tweets at least 72 hours before the day of election. Congress and BJP are speculated to support this. But no spokesperson was available to confirm this. MNS chief, Raj Thakre said, “we can allow this competition on twitter; only if its limited to marathi manoos”.

On the other hand; twitter also observed increased number of abusive tweets written in Japanese and mentioning Indian politics. It seems someone in Tokyo office of Dentsu forgot to tell their social media team that their assignment is to de executed by indian recruits.  In another related incident, Baba Ramdev has incorporated this in one of his yoga activities and has named this as “Bhadaas kriya yoga”.

Supporters of AAP are rejoiced with the move taken by Twitter to reward the abusive tweets. They have launched a campaign; “Aam Aadmi Abusive Tweets” and Kumar Vishwas has been anointed as the head of the campaign.

Meanwhile, In Delhi, the owners of the website, “” have decided to file a case against Twitter. They claim that the new name “Bhadaaster” has been taken from their original “Bhadaas”. They feel that Twitter is trying to take the advantage of their established brand in India.