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Twitter and FB severs to be shut down between 8 pm & 8 am to avoid trolls on UPA policies

02, Sep 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

“Twitter and Facebook severs will be shut down from 8 pm to 8 am to avoid trolls on UPA Policies as our policies like Bharat Nirman and other economic measure are making difference in the GDP of our Country,” said Kapil Sabil in a press conference.

Is party over for trolls?
Is party over for trolls?

“This is very surprising and frustrating for the youngsters like me who can’t live without social websites like FB and Twitter,” a youngster told this Faking News reporter.

“We have to take these types of measures to curb the trolls who beside criticizing our policies also criticize Rahul Gandhi. I don’t understand why people are making fun of our policies and sometimes they even troll our ministers like Digvijay Sing and Manmohain Singh ji over their speeches,” Kapil Sabil told our reporter.

“And people are more active on Twitter and FB between 8 pm and 8 am. We hate these types of trolls and that’s why we came with this idea,” Kapil added.

Some unconfirmed reports are coming that youngsters inspired from Satyagrah movie are planning to protest against these measures and they are going for hunger strike.